Simple Beginnings

A lot of times the simplest pleasures bring the greatest joys. It doesn’t take a four week vacation or an 100 thousand dollar yacht to produce pure happiness. For my Grandpa or as I call him Pop Pop, it’s going to our countless school plays, a Sunday spent watching football and eating bbq or having his morning coffee. But the thing that gave him the most genuine, almost euphoric happiness, was reading the newspaper with his best friend,my Mom Mom, every week. They would pick out articles ranging from war stories to advice columns, read them to each other and then discuss for their entire 40+ year love story. No one could tell a story like my Mom Mom, writers would have paid the big bucks for her to do justice to their rinky dink articles. So it’s no surprise to me why he loved her or this pastime so much.

Sadly, just this summer the woman I looked up to with such admiration passed away after 81 adventure filled years, leaving my Pop Pop without his best friend or someone to read the paper with. Almost like a coincidence in universe, at the same time my Mom Mom passed I was wracking my brain for blog ideas to keep me observant as I dive into the boredom of high school in New Jersey. So being the good B- math student I am, I put two and two together and figured that if I start to read the paper with my Pop Pop as he once did with my Mom Mom I would not only get amazing material to write about but I’d also be replacing that joy my Pop Pop experienced with another. If you knew my Mom Mom or felt her presence in one way or another, you’d understand the nerves I feel going into filling her position. I have pretty large high heels to fill and while I don’t think I’ll be able to give half the effect my Mom Mom did, that won’t stop me from trying.

I’m adopting not only a new writing task, but a new simple pleasure. No matter how busy I am or where I am, weekly or biweekly, I will take time to sit down and read the paper as my Mom Mom and Pop Pop once did. We’ll get in a little of everything just like they did. Starting with an op-ed piece (preferably Gail Collins, a favorite of the two), an advice column where we guess the answers prior to reading them and another favorite section called modern love. I’ll be writing about my observations from the articles as well as the conversations that develop from them. My Mom Mom had a unbreakable trust with the universe so there’s no doubt in my mind she’s still here in one way or another. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d start listening in on these conversations and I imagine her with a cup of coffee watching us, holding her tongue as she wishes she could interject with an anecdote from her cinematic life or to give me a critic on my lack of enunciation or enthusiasm.



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