A Four Letter Word Called Love

It seems an impossible task to rescue love from the rubble of hate and negativity that currently liters our world at the fault of media, television or even presidential candidates.
While I wouldn’t necessarily see myself as having a shortage of emotions around me-being a teenage girl and all-I uncovered as of recent my distraction by the bad of the world and my loss of touch of the most human essence we all possess; love.

A favorite column my Mom Mom and Pop Pop used to read in the New York Times, is titled “Modern Love” covering stories of love, whether romantic, familial or whatever definition you please. This week’s addition highlighted the story of a woman through a rather abrupt breakup. Unlike the sappy love stories I’m accustomed to this piece ended without a resolution or rather, with a sad tone. I instantly regretted reading this because I knew how triggering it would be for my Pop Pop after the loss of my Mom Mom, his soul mate of 40 years. However, nothing could have prepared me for the simple words he said after I finished. “That made me sad…” he told me after a long pause, and for some reason those words, although plagued with undeniable grief and sadness for the love he lost, helped me remember that the world is a place of immense love.

It reminded me of how physically overcoming my love is when I discover something I’m passionate about. How when, at the height of my Arabic studies, I felt a love for unknown knowledge that was so conquering I was unable to put into words. It reminded me how the endless love and appreciation that radiates from my closest friendships has been transformative to my self-esteem. It reminded me of how intense my parents love for one another is and that when my dad defends my mom when she and I are fighting it’s because he wants to protect “his girl”-as he endearingly calls her-from all things ugly because he loves her too much to see her upset. It reminded me that there’s no emotion more deeply felt or more intensely yearned for than love and that it’s the sentiment most essential to carry within you in every endeavour.

My dad often tells me that I feel things more deeply than most and while he’s usually referring to my feelings of anger or angst, I take it to mean love. For just a moment I got caught up in all the hate and anger in the world and lost my greatest power as a human; my power to feel every little thing, whether that’s sadness or frustration or enthusiasm or even love, so deeply that it overcomes me. It’s almost poetic how words heavy with such immense grief as “That made me sad…” can help me remember that there is still indeed love in this world.

-Charlotte 10-24-16


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