You’re invited

I do my best work when there’s too much work to do. Routines are as necessary to me as pizza and being down to earth are to Jennifer Lawrence. So it makes sense that going into this year I put a huge emphasis on finding a writing routine that was acute and time conscious: my Pop Pop newspaper assignment.

I feel like I have been fulfilling this task as I promised, but I find it challenging to write for every single conversation I have with my Pop Pop. This isn’t saying that that we have boring, unworthy conversations, its quite the opposite. Sometimes I just feel content with these conversations as they are and feel no need to ponder on them further. Simply put, some of these conversations are meant to stay between me and my Pop Pop only…sorry internet strangers.

With this in mind, I’ve tasked my self with a pre-new years, New Years resolution to write/post more about whatever story, essay or idea originates from my little brain. This is my bland attempt to embody the intimidatingly thoughtful Patti Smith who used to spend hours deciphering random poems, essays or stories she scribbled on whatever material was in her possession at the moment of inspiration. Maybe I won’t be having as profound thoughts as whether our lost socks or coats mourn us after we’ve misplaced them, but regardless, I’ll be writing and that’s all that matters.

So I guess this is my invitation to you, for an adventure into the land of non sensical writing.
RSVP by December 20th, black tie only

-Charlotte Isidore


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