Pocket Sized Stories: Isidore Lefkowitz & Elgort

It was our first small business endeavor as hot-shot advertising agency. We named the company Isidore Lefkowitz & Elgort, after ourselves, blind to the fact that no one would be able to pronounce let alone spell our names right. Still our confidence in ourselves is what got us through the awkward first steps in starting a business. We had no more than a handful of guys working for us and an office that could house a traveling circus so we had to get pretty crafty when bringing in new clients. No one wants to look like a wimpy small business when they’re trying to sell an idea to a client so we devised a system to mask our small beginning with help from my wife Rosemary. We would call up our friends offering them lunch on us, all they had to do was pretend to be a busy working bee while we desperately tried to impress clients. Our office was a Hollywood set and my wife the stage manager. There was an art to it. She would strategically cue a line of people to hustle past our office during meetings, set the constant tapping of typewriters as a background and have Joe at desk 5 call Bill at desk 11 to give the impression that we were flooded with persistent clients. It was ridiculous. It was a dog and pony show. It was our first of many wacky productions on our road to becoming successful.



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